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Help build the future

By donating to the Lote Tree Foundation, you invest in your child’s future and the Muslim community as a whole.

About Lote Tree

Our goal is to nurture Islamic morals and values in Muslim children through education and social service. Our full-time Islamic school and Montessori adheres to high academic standards, delivers an integrated curriculum, and is built on a robust character education program.

Our extracurricular programs, including an athletics academy, benefit Muslim children and youth across the Greater Toronto Area. Our proposed multi-purpose centre will expand the reach of our schooling and community services to more Muslim families.

Our Vison

To build a strong and healthy community through the development of true and virtuous individuals.

Our Mission

To establish an institution which will fulfill the needs of those seeking to learn under the guidance of classically trained teachers.


elementary private school

Since 2005, our school has been built on classical foundations and has always employed qualified instructors with years of teaching experience. Our mainstay has always been character development.

Community Programs and Outreach

Lote Tree offers many programs for our community and the general public. We aim to spread understanding, tolerance, and harmony. Our programs ensure that we give back to the community and our Canadian society.

New Community Centre Project

We plan on establishing a center that will be a focal point of learning, sharing and giving. Also, this center will be a place for fostering strong community bonds.