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Parent's Feedback

“I wanted my son to be surrounded by good people, amongst his peers and teachers, so when I heard the vision of the administrators I decided to enroll him. In Lote Tree, my son has good company and feels loved and supported. 

He also has constant access to Muslim role models and is busy learning the fundamentals of the deen. Lote Tree is an excellent environment for our children, especially our younger ones.”

Serena M. - Teacher

“I wanted a place where my kids could learn Islamic values, build their character and prepare for the real world, so I enrolled them in Lote Tree. The school has a strong Islamic environment where kids can feel comfortable practicing their beliefs. Kids feel proud of their identity and a sense of belonging. 

Seeing others their own age practicing the religion makes them feel stronger and more confident. I’ve already seen improvements in the character of the kids and their consciousness of Islamic values. So far the experience has been very good for our kids and we look forward to having all of our children start there.”

Saad Mohammad - IT Security Consultant

“I enrolled my children in Lote Tree so they could learn traditional Islamic knowledge. I also knew of the teachers and administration and they had a reputation for being trustworthy. 

Alhamdulillah, my children have learned a lot about traditional Islamic knowledge and the Sunnah. I’ve also noticed their character display more Islamic values.”

Anonymous - Consultant

Students's Feedback

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