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Lote Tree Curriculum

Our goal at Lote Tree is to educate our students in ways that will help them become lifelong learners in any discipline, while remaining rooted in their Islamic identity and connection with Allah Most High and His beloved Messenger, Allah bless him and grant him peace.


Lote Tree’s Academic Program follows the classical model called the Trivium. The Trivium is a sequential three-stage process that allows students to build on what they learn without feeling overwhelmed, confused, or intimidated. Rather, students learn with inspiration, drive, and commitment. 

This approach fulfills the requirements of the Ministry of Ontario Curriculum, and surpasses the Ministry of Education’s expectations. We are committed to making each student a thinker, and a traveller that has embarked on a journey of beneficial learning that continues for the rest of his or her life.

Islamic Studies

The unique and troubling trends of our age make it imperative that we strengthen the Islamic identity of our youth, make them proud of being Muslim, and give them the tools to combat extremist ideologies and destructive societal norms. We have designed Lote Tree’s Islamic Studies curriculum keeping this in mind. Employing best in class methodologies and specially prepared texts, we teach students the Islamic knowledge that every believer is required to know. 

We also take special care to develop the moral foundation of our students. At Lote Tree, we strive to instill our students with love of Islam, and to strengthen their connection with Allah Most High and His beloved Messenger, may Allah bless him and grant him peace. Our approach helps students find themselves in today’s world while drawing inspiration from Islam’s glorious tradition.

Montessori Program

We understand that the relationships and experiences during the early years of life have a crucial impact on a child’s later growth and development. With our low teacher to child ratio and bridging Maria Montessori’s Curriculum with Islamic pedagogy, we strive to provide the very best environment for young children, with all of the components necessary for their social, physical, cognitive, and spiritual well-being. 

At Lote Tree’s Montessori Program, we are committed to helping parents mould and develop their children into exceptional individuals that possess inner discipline, gratitude, and good character.